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I'm a writer. Used to write fan-fiction, mostly for Batlestar Galactica 2003, and you can find some of those fics on this journal. Well, I started it to post fan-fiction. Now I returned to writing original stories, so this journal is mostly about my progress with them, and some general writing-randomness.

I used to make some graphic too, and most of my icons (unless stated otherwise) are made by me and are free to use if anyone finds them worth it. Credit to bsgmedia to awakencordy (BSG) and to jandra lu (Hornblower) for screencaps I used to create those icons.

Friending policy - I'm friending and de-friending when I feel the need to. Please don't feel obliged to friend me back, though it's nice of course. ;) Please don't feel offended if I de-friend you.